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Living in Aberystwyth as a student

Aberystwyth, or Aber as it is commonly called, is a town in West Wales that is located near the confluence of the rivers Ystwyth and Rheidol, with the latter flowing through the town. Even though it is relatively isolated, with most towns being at least 1 and a half hours away (Birmingham, one of the bigger cities in the UK, is about 3 hours away), Aberystwyth is still considered a tourist attraction. A popular student town, where 8,000 of the 13,000 residents are students that go to its lone university, Aberystwyth University.

Aberystwyth is the link between North Wales and South Wales, and provides sprawling countryside views, a stunning seaside location, and proximity to scenic spots such as the Cambrian Mountains and Aberystwyth castle. It is also home to the Aberystwyth Electric Cliff Railway, which runs up Constitution hill towards the famous Camera Obscura, and is known as the longest electric cliff railway in Britain. At the same time, the Aberystwyth Arts Centre is one of the largest art centres in Wales, perfect for those who are interested in culture and art. Keeping its reputation as a quiet town that is perfect for focus, Aberystwyth isn’t known for its nightlife, even though it has quite a high ratio of pubs per square mile for a city.

Aberystwyth University’s main campus is located at Penglais Hill, which overlooks the town itself as well as Cardigan Bay. It is just 1km from the city centre, making it fairly easy to access nightlife and popular spots. Aberystwyth University also ranks high for student satisfaction and student safety. Most students tend to stay in the halls near the university in their first year and then move into town after, living in student areas like Brynderw and Queen’s Road.

About Aberystwyth

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