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Living in Cheltenham as a student

Cheltenham is a popular spa town located in Gloucestershire, England. Situated on the edge of the beautiful Cotswolds on the South West of England, Cheltenham is 140km west-northwest of London and 65km south of Birmingham. Home to over 117,000 residents who live and work in mostly light industry, the town has one university, the University of Gloucestershire, which has over 85,00 students.

Besides its famed mineral springs, the town of Cheltenham is known as a safe space for students, and has a wide range of nightlife, including pubs, bars, and clubs that cater to students. Cheltenham has stunning Regency architecture, with a number of listed buildings including the Cheltenham Synagogue, and Cheltenham Town Hall, attracting many tourists. The town also plays host to a long list of festivals all year round, providing entertainment of all sorts to residents and visitors. These include the Cheltenham Festival (a National Hunt racing meeting), the Cheltenham Music Festival, the Cheltenham Cricket Festival, the Cheltenham Paranormal Festival, the Cheltenham Design Festival, and the Cheltenham Festival of the Performing Arts, which started in 1926. The town also has four theatres and a thriving art scene, with notable sculptures such as the Joseph Hall-designed Neptune’s Fountain located around town. For sports fanatics, Cheltenham has a number of sports clubs, with the headquarters of the Croquet Association located in town.

The University of Gloucestershire has three campuses in Cheltenham. The largest is The Park, located in the Park district, 1.6km from city centre. The other two, Francis Close Hall and The Centre for Fashion, Art and Photography, are near St. Paul’s Church, even nearer to city centre, with it being a short 15mins walk away. Student accommodation tends to depend on the campus that students will frequent, but most students will choose locations nearer the campuses.


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