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Living in Chichester as a student

With roots dating back to Roman times, Chichester is the only city in West Sussex, South-east England. Located just one-and-a-half hours away from London by train, the city of Chichester is situated on the River Lavant. The city is home to over 26,000 residents, and is a popular tourist destination. The University of Chichester is its local university, serving over 5,500 students within its two campuses.

Chichester was a Roman settlement back in A.D. 43, and there is evidence of military storage structures as well as city walls that can still be seen today. The city has a number of religious monuments that attract tourists from around the country, from the Chichester Cathedral, founded in the 11th century, that has a separate bell tower several metres away from the main building, to five other Church of England churches, as well as multiple other religious buildings. Other tourist spots include the Butter Market, which was first opened in 1808, The Corn Exchange in East Street, built in 1833, and The Chichester Cross, built in 1501 and now standing at the intersection of the four main roads in city centre. Chichester also has a thriving arts scene, being home to the famed Chichester Festival Theatre, a popular producing and touring theatre. The city hosts a month-long arts and music festival every year, and also has a annual Poetry programme that has included performances by David Harsent and Don Paterson.

The University of Chichester has two campuses within the city; the main campus is on College Lane, five-minutes away from city centre. The beautiful Bognor Regis campus is a 15-min drive east away from Chichester city centre, near the seaside and the town of Bognor Regis. Popular student accommodation areas tend to be near student halls or near campus grounds.

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