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Living in Lincoln as a student

Lincoln is a city located in the East Midlands of England, one hour away from Nottingham, and two and a half hours from London, by train. Lincoln’s earliest settlements trace back to the Iron Age, and the city is now home to over 97,000 residents. The city has two universities: the University of Lincoln, which has over 14,000 students, and Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU), which has around 2,300 students.

Considering that some relics in the city date back to 1st Century BC, it is not surprising to note that Lincoln has a lot of historic tourist spots. From the Brayford Pool, to the Lincoln Castle, to the Lincoln Cathedral, there is a lot of history within the 35 square kilometres that make up the city. As Lincoln lies in a gap in the Lincoln Cliff, the city is also unique in its two zones: Uphill and Downhill, with the former at 72 metres above sea level and the latter at 20 metres above sea level. Uphill contains most of the historic spots, and the two zones are connected by an appropriately-named pedestrian street, Steep Hill. Nightlife and activities can range from pubs and clubs near the universities to the Gainsborough Old Hall Beer Festival, the Asylum Steampunk Festival and the 2Q live music festival.

The University of Lincoln has a few campuses, but the main one is adjacent to Brayford Pool, in the area of Downhill. Bishop Grosseteste University is located in Uphill Lincoln, near the Lincoln Cathedral and Lincoln Castle. For students studying at the University of Lincoln, popular accommodation options include areas such as The West End, High Street, Sincil Bank, and Monks Road. Bishop Grosseteste University students tend to look for accommodation near the school, at the Bailgate area, or Newport road.


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