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Living in St Andrews as a student

If you’re looking for golf or events, St. Andrews is the place to be. St. Andrew is a town located in Scotland, on the East Coast of Fife. It is about 50km northeast of Edinburgh, and is home to over 16,800 residents, a third of which go to the University of St Andrews, the third oldest university in the English-speaking world. The University of St. Andrews, opened in 1410, is also the oldest university in Scotland.

St. Andrews was named after Saint Andrew the Apostle, and there is a well-known church and a cathedral that have been restored and are still standing. Both Holy Trinity Parish Church and St Andrew’s Cathedral are over 900 years old, and are landmarks of the city. As mentioned, St Andrews is famous for golf, and has been known widely as the “home of golf”, as it has been played in the town since since 1552. The Old Course, one of the seven golf courses in town, dates back to medieval times and is an Open Championship course. There are not many pubs in town, but the University of St Andrews ensures that students won’t be bored with a large variety of events that taken place throughout the year. From the Opening Ball, to the miniature festival Starfields, to St. Andrew’s fashion shows FS and Don’t Walk, students will not lack for activities during the term. The most infamous student tradition is the “May Dip” held on the first of May where students run into the North Sea to wish for good luck and ‘cleanse’ themselves of any academic ‘sins’ before the exam season starts.

The University of St. Andrews does not have a main campus area; instead, facilities and buildings are scattered around the town, near North Street, South Street, The Scores, and North Haugh. Student accommodations tend to be centered around these areas.

About St Andrews

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