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Living in Stirling as a student

Stirling, known as the ‘gateway to the highlands’, is located in central Scotland, on the River Forth, in between the flat Scottish Lowlands and the rugged Highlands. It is one hour away from Edinburgh and half an hour away from Glasgow by train. Stirling is home to over 36,000 residents, of which more than 8,500 are students at the University of Stirling.

The city of Stirling has occupied a strategic point in historical battles, and that can still be seen through landmarks such as the awe-inspiring Stirling Castle, the ruins of Cambuskenneth Abbey, the Church of the Holy Rude, as well as the surviving tower of the Church of St. Ninians. Stirling has been a market town for centuries, due to its position on some of the most productive land in Scotland, and the city still has beautiful panoramic views of both lowland and highland landmarks around. Stirling also has a few art galleries and theatres, which are often used for events. The city is hence a popular tourist location, and the tourism industry, together with the financial services industry, dominate the economy. The city of Stirling is known for producing many international sportsmen, from footballers John Colquhoun to rugby players Kenny Logan and the cricketer Dougie Brown. Due to its large student population, Stirling also has a wide variety of pubs, clubs and bars that are tailored for students.

The University of Stirling’s campus is located 3.2km from city centre, within the beautiful historic grounds of the Airthrey estate. There are many student accommodation choices for students, as a recent investment programme added more than 800 rooms to the halls on campus. Other student accommodation choices tend to be located near the city centre, and include areas such as Union Street, Lyon Crescent, and John Forty’s Court.

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