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Living in Winchester as a student

Located in Hampshire, England, at the western end of the South Downs National Park, is the city of Winchester. The city is 21km from Southampton and just 1 hour away from London by train. Winchester is home to over 45,000 residents who live and work in the city, with 7,500 of them being students at the University of Winchester.

Winchester is known for its roots in UK’s heritage, and is most famous for being mentioned in Sir Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur as being the location of Camelot and King Arthur. This has been heavily disputed, but tourists still flock to the city anyways. This is helped by the fact that in the Great Hall of local landmark Winchester Castle, there is a Round Table (notably built only after the time period in question) with the names of the legendary Knights of the Round Table written around the edge. History buffs are continually well-served in Winchester, with landmarks such as the beautiful Winchester Cathedral, the longest Gothic cathedral in Europe, as well as the Winchester Buttercross, which features 12 statues of the Virgin Mary, saints and other historical figures. Besides Le Morte d’Arthur, Winchester is also a literary inspiration, with works that mention the city dating from the Medieval period up to the current 21st Century. From scenes in the Sherlock Holmes books, to the movie Merlin, to the poet John Keats writing a number of poems in the city, and the novel One Day, Winchester continues to inspire. The city of Winchester also has many fairs, including one of the larger farmers’ markets in the UK, and is home to the inclusive Blue Apple Theatre. It also has a large number of pubs for the night owls.

The University of Winchester’s main campus is located about 15 minutes walk east of city centre. Besides the student halls of residence, popular student accommodation areas in Winchester include Stanmore, Badger Farm, Weeke, and Winnall.

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