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Best student bars in Kensington and Chelsea

Best student bars in Kensington and Chelsea

Check out our picks for the best student bars in Kensington and Chelsea!

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea probably holds the largest number of museums, ridiculously priced properties and five star hotels in the whole of London. As affluent and ‘posh’ as it is, it may not be the first choice of students looking for a nighttime bender or a cheap drink. Dear students – reconsider your options as you might be missing out!

Do not let yourself be fooled that prim and proper facades are all that Kensington & Chelsea is known for. From charming cobbler stone mews within a walking distance to Hyde Park, to vibrant cultural haven that is Portobello Road, the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea offers a variety of venues that is as versatile as the area itself. Therefore, there still are plenty places that are suitable for customers searching for a lower price point and an atmosphere that does not require a suit and tie attire.

These are few student friendly venues you should check out ASAP.


Trailer Happiness (££)

Trailer Happiness london bar

Looking for a chilled out nighttime outing spiced up with a good cocktail or two? Look no further – Trailer Happiness is all about doing its name justice and simply making you happy. When it comes to décor, this basement bar has certainly made its available space work for them. The interior theme which would not look out of place in the “American Hustle” movie is bound to secure a soft spot with all vintage vibe enthusiasts. Wooden elements accompanied by brick columns and warm colour palette bring the place to life with just a touch of candlelight sourced from each table. Pair all that with tiki-themed details (and scrumptious cocktails) and you get a bar that is understatedly joyous. This setting is particularly smiled upon with lovebirds looking for a cozy date spot but a group of mates in pursuit of friendly get-together over drinks would feel just as welcome at Trailer Happiness. The ample choice of cocktails will set you back a cool average of £10 per regular one, £17 for the one that serves two thirsty mouths or £45 for a generously sized bowl for you and your few mates to enjoy.

177 Portobello Road W11 2DY

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Notting Hill Arts Club (££)

Notting Hill Arts Club london bar

Located just mere minutes away from Notting Hill Gate underground station, one would expect its prime location to reflect on the prices and general ambiance of this place. Notting Hill Arts Club is, if anything, seemingly proud to stand out from the stereotype – providing urban garage-esque laid back vibe despite its posh surroundings. Fans of live music shows are probably already familiar with the venue, as it prides itself as a performance hotspot for the up-and-coming talents of London’s music scene. The possibility of attending a live music performance in a bar for a fiver sweetens the deal even more for the masses.  This can sometimes become an issue since the bar’s capacity is not the greatest. If you happen to develop a dry throat in the midst of the sing-along with the crowd, you’d be happy to know that drinks prices are on (or even slightly below) the London average. With shooters for £4, cocktails for £8.5 and deliciously cool and refreshing alcoholic ice pops at just £4, you can indulge a bit more and opt for a few more drinks without breaking the bank. If you have trouble choosing from the ample menu selection, we recommend trying the mango daiquiri ice pop – its fruity freshness will prove to be everything you need in a stuffy basement club.

21 Notting Hill Gate, London W11 3JQ

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K Bar (£££)

K bar london student bar

K Bar represents everything old London charm is about – class, opulence and elegance. This hotel lobby bar, decked in crystal chandeliers and warm wooden furnishing is ideal for lovers of antique atmosphere as sipping a drink there has a potential to make you feel almost regal. If you are looking for a place to impress your date, K bar just might be perfect as it can offer delicious drinks and enough quietness for you two to actually understand each other. However, all this fanciness comes with a slightly heftier price tag – with cocktails averaging at around £10 price point. This might sounds expensive, but if you take into account that the drinks couldn’t be further from regular watered down versions you receive at nearly every pub, one or two of these will definitely suffice in giving you that desired buzz.

109-113 Queen’s Gate, Kensington, London SW7 5JA

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Eclipse South Kensington (££)

Eclipse South Kensington london bars

Eclipse can be described as the place where posh meets modern. Ground floor bar feels more like South Beach than South Kensington, with a majorly silver interior bathed in neon lights. Head down to the nightclub section and you’ll come to find a dimly lit, fancy party spot that wouldn’t feel out of place as a modern-day setting for Moulin Rouge. Although we can be pretty sure they do not serve champagne with diamonds in the glass, their cocktails are gems on their own. They are known to pack a powerful punch, so get ready to unleash your inner Lady Marmelade if you dare to indulge in few too many. If all of that doesn’t sound like fun enough – Eclipse is also the first place in West London to get an adult ball pit. The prices are slightly less fun, with cocktails averaging just above £10 and shots at £6.20 but they are tasty enough for you to forget they cost about as much as your hourly wage.

158 Brompton Road SW5 0BA

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Montezuma (£££)

Montezuma london bar

Planning a major night out on the town, including heels and ties and all that jazz? You should definitely check out Montezuma. With Aztec culture inspired décor and hip hop/R’n’B beats that will keep you moving throughout the night, this place is as fun as it is fancy. Montezuma prides itself on their bespoke VIP treatment, so if you score a place on the guest list you can expect top notch service. However, don’t let that discourage you from going if you happen to fall among the rest of the ‘mortals’ – the party atmosphere will lift your spirits up just the same. Ladies are particularly fond of this venue as the entrance for them is free until midnight. The gents are out of luck in that department, since the entry fee for them is a bit pricey at £20 (which is the same for the ladies after the clock strikes midnight). When it’s time to hit the bar, prepare yourself to splash a bit more cash than usual as the prices for drinks start at £6.5 for a single beer and significantly increase if you decide to go for a cocktail.

17a Harrington Road SW7 3ES

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The Chelsea Pensioner (££)

The Chelsea Pensioner London

Don’t let the name fool you – The Chelsea Pensioner is a lovely bar that can offer good drinks and good times to just about anyone. With clientele of various age groups and backgrounds, this is a chill spot perfect for a get-together with mates over few pints and a game of pool. The ambient seems friendly and unpretentious, which is not the norm for the upscale Chelsea neighborhood. For the best deals on drinks, head to The Chelsea Pensioner at 5pm for a happy hour that lasts for quite a few hours, ending at 9pm. This could be a great starting out spot to get a few drinks at an affordable price before hitting the club. Make sure to head early enough though – as turning up late may cause you to find that all of the seats have been taken. As for refreshments, beer enthusiasts are in for a treat with some of their delicious beer cocktails, which represent a perfect choice of drinks for warm summer evenings.

358 Fulham Road SW10 9UU

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The Jam Tree Chelsea (££)

The Jam Tree Chelsea

If you are looking for an all-purpose spot where you can get food, booze and a party afterwards, The Jam Tree Chelsea is proud to offer you all that and more. We recommend starting out with a spot of dinner as they offer amazing burgers straight from their garden grill. As for options for something to wash down the grub with, the list is as good as endless with an ample selection of wines, craft beers and cocktails that are truly made of sugar, spice and everything nice. For the ultimate Jam Tree experience, it might be best to go for one of their special jam cocktails, for which they are known and highly praised for. They are even better when enjoyed in their garden on a balmy summer night, lit by charming fairly lights. The garden is open until 11PM, but it’s closing only marks the start of the party inside where DJs are ready to start spinning the hottest commercial pop tunes.

541 Kings Road SW6 2EB

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Hyde Kensington (££)

Hyde Kensington

Although it might looks like it, Hyde Kensington is not just another neon-lit party spot. Located at the corner of Hyde Park, the atmosphere is surprisingly laid back and quirky considering its location. Delicious cocktails and comfy booths attract many on a Saturday night, giving the venue status of one of the best clubs in Kensington. Another thing about Hyde Kensington that is almost shocking due to its location is the drinks price tag, which surprisingly fits very well within the London average. Single drinks are all under the £10 mark, with every cocktail on the menu being just £9. That being said, it is no wonder younger crowd is happy to spend their night out at Hyde.

1-1A Kensington High Street W8 5NP

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Bart’s Bar (££)

Bart’s Bar london student

Bart’s Bar might be dubbed as London’s worst kept secret, but you’ll still need a fair knowledge of the area and a password to access this quirky venue. The password, however, is not hard to come by – all you need to do is ask, or more specifically, send an email requesting the password to The somewhat hidden location and gangster-related backstory bring the element of cool to the neighborhood of Chelsea, making you feel special just by entering the premises. Its 1920’s inspired décor accompanied by 80’s finest tunes prove to be a perfect fit for those who have an affinity towards all things vintage. If you stick to their house rules – which are mostly based on speak easy and drink hard modus operandi – your visit to Bart’s (or Uncle Bart’s, as the closest ones like to call it) will be nothing short of delightful.

Chelsea Cloisters Sloane Avenue SW3 3DW

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blagclub Kensington (££)

blagclub Kensington bar

Nothing says Kensington party scene as guest list or booking exclusive entrance, even on days that are officially open for public. Blagclub is the local champion at this particular discipline, and surprisingly quite a popular party destination despite an anti-walk-in policy. Maybe even because of it, as it does contribute towards an overall air of exclusivity. The fancy antics, however, stop there as blagclub inside is just as fun and unpretentious as any other nightclub. Party anthem lovers will find the music to be the best part of enjoying the night out here, as you get to showcase your dance moves to the greatest commercial pop hits from various decades. The menu is also exclusivity-free, as it falls in line with your average London pricing.

11 Russell Gardens, Kensington, London W14 8EZ

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There we go! That rounds up our picks of the best student bars in Kensington and Chelsea. We hope you’ve enjoyed your read, check out some of our other posts to explore the nations favourite student bars in other cities.


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