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Best student bars in Shoreditch

Best student bars in Shoreditch

Check out our picks for the best student bars in Shoreditch!

Dubbed as the hipster’s hub of London, Shoreditch has been the unofficial capital of cool Londoners for the past decade or so. Interesting facts about this place go far back, starting with its intriguing moniker. Some say the name Shoreditch developed from “Shore’s Ditch”, being that it was speculated Edward IV’s mistress Jane Shore was murdered and buried on area’s grounds. Although many other less scandalous and more believable theories about Shoreditch’s background exist, this area has managed to drastically turn its decades-long bleak image around to become the “go-to” hotspot in London.

The Shoreditch of today we all should get to know and love is jam-packed with bars, clubs and places that nurture youth culture and relish in vibrant energy like no other. From urban relics depicted through street art to exclusive venues with prices that fall in the “an arm and a leg” category, Shoreditch has a lot to offer for anyone who avoids quiet nights in like the plague. Whether you are feeling up to a whole night of partying and hitting the clubs, just want to get together with mates for a drink or two or take your significant other out for a meal, our selection of the best student bars in Shoreditch can perfectly cater to your desire.


Old Street Records ££

Old Street Records shoreditch student bar

Make sure not to miss out on the coolest happy hour spot in Shoreditch. Old Street Records delivers an ambient of understated beauty with its brick wall meets rock’n’roll décor and dim lighting, perfect for a slightly louder chin-wag session or a hot date. With cocktails averaging at a £10 price mark (of which many are £9.50) and exotic range of beers that just surpass £5, this menu is pretty much in line with average London pricing, so it might not be your regular student bar hangout. Still, Old Street Records manages to stand out with its cheap date discount of £19 for two drinks and two pizzas for you and your darling to enjoy. If your mood shifts towards partying in the midst of night’s early hours, Old Street Records is open until late and has a reputation of hosting many awesome parties throughout the week.

350-354 Old Street, London EC1V 9NQ

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The Ten Bells ££

the ten bells best student bars in shoreditch

This gem located in the heart of Spitalfields comes with a haunting bit of history. The Ten Bells is notable for its correlation to two of Jack the Ripper’s murder victims and the indoor appearance pretty much talks about it itself. Since it is decked in saturated colours and antique ornaments, stepping into this venue feels somewhat like stepping into a timetravel machine. The historic feel, however, stops there. With regular live music and quiz nights, The Ten Bells keep up with the times and provides fun and drinks that won’t break your bank. Starting from £3.85 for gin and several spirits and a pint averaging at £4.50, this place is a safe option for a chill evening which lands in at place in our list of the best student bars in Shoreditch.

84 Commercial Street, London E1 6LY

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Alcotraz Penitentiary £££

Alcotraz penitentiary shoreditch

Alcotraz offers a drinking experience like no other on the market. Namely, all drinks are served in a tin can for you to enjoy on a bench literally behind bars. Dress code is also not of any importance since the guests get to model orange jumpsuits during their visit. If you ever imagined what would be like to party in a prison, this is what that imagination looks like when brought to life. Since, as they say, alcohol isn’t something you can find on an inmate’s daily menu, it’s entirely up to you to decide which beverage to sneak in for the bartender to transform it into a delicious cocktail. Sipping from a tin whilst chatting up your cell block companions, however, does not come cheap. All attendees are charged with a £33.90 fine, or booking fee if you will, that reserves you up to four cocktails made from your smuggled bevy, confinement couture and a time slot of 1 hour and 45 minutes. This place is not made for regulars, but for regular mortals who are guilty of seeking fresh experiences and alternative ways of drinking. Definitely one of the best bars in Shoreditch for students wanting something a bit different!

212 Brick Ln, London E1 6SA

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Boxpark Shoreditch ££

boxpark shoreditch bar

Capturing the urban essence of Shoreditch, Boxpark is the ultimate stop for anything deemed cool (including the grub) in the area. Endowed with ample selection of food stalls and drinks to boot, Boxpark is the place to be when you are after an affordable wine & dine (or beer and brunch) experience. Among these food choices is a groundbreaking gastro revelation that is a vegan doner wrap which just might be the pinnacle of vegan junk food movement.

2-10 Bethnal Green Rd, London E1 6GY

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Trafik £

trafik shoreditch

Dance your night away to hip hop and R’n’B anthems in Trafik. This split-level venue offers a choice in case the DJ isn’t your cup of tea with the selection of tunes – you can always try on the other storey. With reasonably priced scrumptious cocktails and drinks, you can let your hair down without a pinch of guilt. Besides, free entry sweetens the deal even more.

331 Old Street, London EC1V 9LE

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xoyo best bars in shoreditch

XOYO is probably the most famous party place in this part of the world, hence why it’s easily made it on to our list of best student bars in Shoreditch. Hosting an array of DJs, this club lives for all things techno – including a rave-loving crowd. This two-level nightclub will provide all the space you need to bust out your dancefloor moves even though its long working hours attract a hefty number of visitors. Do keep track of the time though – early entry fee will set you back a measly £5 but getting there in the middle of packed Saturday night could raise the entry fee price up to £20.

32-37 Cowper Street, London EC2A4AP

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Cargo ££

cargo london student bars shoreditch

Among nightclubs in Shoreditch, Cargo is one of the big dogs. It is well known for its variety of music choices, hosting live performances and keeping the party atmosphere alive and kicking throughout the entire night. The dress code is smart casual, which suggests that you should be comfy enough to dance the night away but leave your trainers at home. If all that bouncing makes you thirsty, the prices of cocktails and ‘bombs’ hover around the £10 mark, depending on the day and hour you decide to hit the bar. Cargo’s entry fee is equally unsteady, varying from £10 to £20, so peak party times come with peak prices but arriving early on all nights (except Saturday) could save you a pretty penny.

83 Rivington Street, London EC2A 3AY

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Bounce Old Street ££

bounce old street shoreditch bar

Bounce has titled itself as “The home of ping pong” but in reality it surpasses that by a tenfold. If you are partial to a game of ping pong, grab your mates and head over to Bounce as things get increasingly lively with each hour passed. The competitive atmosphere that rules with regular playing conditions is nothing in comparison to when they kill the lights and turn on the colorful neon. Bounce has the talent to transform itself into a haven resembling an urban garden of fireflies that are white ping pong balls zooming all over the place. If that on its own does not sound cool enough, a wide variety of delicious table snacks for under £10, hearty 12” stone baked pizzas for £13.50 and a sharing board for two for £15.50 are guaranteed to satisfy your hunger pangs. Sipping on a drink or two will also not drain out your wallet, since Bounce offers your average pricing of around £5 for a pint and around £10 for a cocktail. Various food & drink packages are also available on the spot and they will set you back from £25 to £36 per person.

241 Old St, London EC1V 9EY

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All Star Lanes ££

all star lanes best student bars in shoreditch

If you are terrified by the concept of having you or your drink caught in a crossfire of flying ping pong balls, but still enjoy an active social outing, the Brick Lane All Star Lanes bowling bar and restaurant in Spitalfields Arts Market just might be your next favourite destination. Walls covered in graffiti and red leather couches give the venue an appearance that is both urban and vintage at the same time. With lanes that support a party of up to 7 and booze and bites to keep the bowls rolling, this place is a perfect date/hang-out spot when you want to keep things interesting. This fun activity, however, comes with an additional price of £9.95 per person for adults on weekends and weekdays after 6PM or £7.50 during off-peak times. The price for children under the age of 12 is always £5.95, so this can also be a cool way to spend time with your little bro or sis.

95 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL

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BrewDog (Shoreditch branch) ££

brewdog shoreditch bar

Here, here lager lovers! If a serious selection of craft beers is what floats your boat, BrewDog is all about that and more. Born out of love for quality beer in 2007, the BrewDogs brand is going strong and rapidly growing with branches sprouting out all across the map. Steam punk-inspired interior and a delicious beer du-jour are guaranteed to give you good vibes and keep your spirits high. Although their beers are on the pricier scale, true beer connoisseurs will find this place to be worthy of indulgence every now and again.

51-55 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA

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There we go! That rounds up our picks of the best student bars in Shoreditch. We hope you’ve enjoyed your read, check out some of our other posts to explore the nations favourite student bars in other cities.


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